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We offer Original Netflix subscription to our customers at a low price.

Are you tired of asking your friends and neighbors for their Netflix account? Get 12 months of shared Netflix subscription for only a fraction today!


Question: Is this a real Netflix account?
Answer: Yes it is a real Original Netflix Account.

Question: How many TVs can I connect my account to?
Answer: You can only connect to one (1) TV only.

Question: Can I share my Netflix login with my family and friends?
Answer: NO you can’t share your login details with anyone else, it is meant for one TV only.

Question: Can I Change my login username, email address, password or pin code?
Answer: NO, You should not change your username, email address, password or pin code, doing any of these will lead to voiding your subscription and we will not be able to renew your subscription every month after it expires.

Question: Do I get full 12 months subscription after I pay?
Answer: NO, you will get 1 or 2 months subscription which we will renew periodically until your 12 months is complete. Changing any information in the account will lead to denying you access and the subscription not renewable.

Question: Can I get Refund if I don’t like the idea of the service and a shared Netflix account or if I decided to buy from Netflix.com or I get from my friends?
Answer: NO, whatever the situation is, we do not give refund, you can’t get refund. We will provide your subscription until the end, but we cannot provide refund because we pay for the Netflix account because you subscribed.

Question: If i need help who should i contact?
Answer: If you need help with your subscription please contact us, DON'T contact Netflix, they won't and can't assist you.

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12 Months Subscription Plan
€55 Euro = $64 USD

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Our Client Love Us

Am having a good time with my subscription, i see other movies watched by others but its fine, i can't complain.

MichaelLos Angeles

At this price am good to go, now i am covered for 12 months, no worries anymore about the expiration of my netflix.

CmeliaNew York

These guys are the real deal, they set me up in less than 20 minutes and i have been enjoying my subscription for 6 months. Thanks

JohnsonNew York